Abdul Majid Ch.

Secretary , PRCS, Punjab Branch

It is a matter of great pleasure and pride to say about college which is recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), we are committed to make this institution conform to the highest standards laid down by the PMDC. The management of Pakistan Red Crescent Society and the faculty are all determined and dedicated to make this college a medical institution par excellence.

During the last academic session, several improvements and additions in terms of faculty, equipment, building, paramedical staff, extra‐curricular and co‐curricular activities, have been made. We intend and strive to continue this progress in leaps.

As envisaged by the founders of Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College, the medical graduates of this college would be torch‐bearers of not only professional excellence and expertise but also harbingers of peace and tranquility and would be in the fore‐front to render assistance in times of natural and man‐made calamities. It is our earnest hope that the new entrants to this college will put in their best efforts to achieve the high ideals set for them.

Dear students, you are destined to undergo rigorous training and the day is not far when you will encounter challenges in your professional life. Stay committed as we expect from you to follow professional ethics and prove yourself as the brand ambassadors of PRCM & DC. Be the follower in order to prove yourself leaders since HE SERVES BEST, WHO LEARNS BEST. Stay blessed and I wish you success in all your future endeavors.