Mian Muhammad Hanif (SI)

Chairman, PRCS, Punjab Branch

Pakistan Red Crescent Society always remains accessible to provide relief for humanity by following human and moral activities. This organization has helped to bring economic, political and social changes. The motives and charters of this organization are so concrete and impartial that the whole humanity, having benefited itself, is on the way of amelioration.

I feel proud to establish Pakistan Red Crescent Medical & Dental College by Pakistan Red Crescent Society Punjab branch in remote area of Dina Nath. The 500 bedded attached teaching hospital will be serving and benefitting the population at large indiscriminately. It is blessing of God who abled us to complete this big project in every aspect.

It is a matter of great pride for me to extend my felicitations. The Medical College was envisaged to produce not only eminent doctors but also good and Godā€fearing human beings. The Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Punjab branch, is providing full cooperation and support to the medical college for its efficient functioning and for providing all the facilities to the faculty and all the students. We have undertaken, with guidance and help of ALLAH Almighty, to make this institution the best and exemplary. My best wishes and prayers are for the faculty and students.