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It is my great pride and privilege to be principal of Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental Collage. This was established in 2011 and is the first ever institute of Red Cross across the world. This institute has great potential adding a new dimension in medical education in country. Majestic, worth seeing purpose built campus with a highly qualified faculty along with adequate facilities will add to armamentarium of young doctors. The collage is committed to in pursuits of excellence to providing the state of art academic facilities and productive atmosphere to medical students for study in a serene setting.Our aim is and we believe in the process of continued medical education and we follow a curriculum based on integrated and inter-disciplinary teaching of basic sciences and clinical medicine. We emphasize on hands-on training in clinical skills for which we have established a standard Skills Lab. Our mission is not only to produce good doctors but to produce good leaders in medicine, good human beings with a feeling of compassions and social service. Highly qualified faculty is in position to teach and train students. My students are highly committed to follow all the core values of PRCS. Shortly this institute will be the leading institute across the word. INSHAALLAHe word. INSHAALLAH

The health care industry, now a days is facing a lot of challenges due to advances in medical science and technology and expectation of people seeking for the medical services. Pak Red Crescent Teaching Hospital is a charity / welfare organization established with a mission to provide quality medical care free of cost to the under privileged segments of the society without any discrimination and political bias in line with the mission of Pak Red Crescent society Punjab Branch. The hospital was established in 2011 at the location of Dina Nath, 48 KM Multan Road Lahore. Initially started with small no of beds and limited facilities, this hospital has now, got expansion in its bed capacity, indoor, outdoor facilities and diagnostics alongwith providing 24/7 emergency services – Alhamdulillah. The journey has just started. The efficient service delivery comes with the combination of well trained manpower, technology and process flows. I acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and contribution made by the dedicated and committed team of our professional and administrative staff and the all out support by the higher management of the society. More efforts are in hard to improve upon the existing healthcare delivery system to achieve the desired objectives in near future – Inshallah.